This group of industry experts is responsible for developing the overall content and strategy of our event, as well as bringing together the best and brightest industry leaders to participate in our conference program.

Our Program Committee has a vast range of experience across multiple industries, technologies, standards, and applications. With their extensive knowledge and insights, they’re working tirelessly to build a program that covers the most pressing topics and trends in today’s rapidly-evolving tech landscape.

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Technology Enabled Transformation

Elisa Rönka

Zug, Switzerland​

Global Head of SaaS Sales at Digital Buildings
Jeff Winter

Illinois, USA

Sr. Director Industry Strategy, Manufacturing
Paulina Chan

Hong Kong

Principal and CEO
Global Mutual Innovation Consortium
Kristi Perkins

Washington, USA​

Industry Account Manager, Semiconductor and Advanced Electronics
Madhusudan Pai ​

California, USA​

Global Partner Tech Lead for Manufacturing
Shyam Nath​

California, USA​

Specialist Leader AI and Analytics
Kumi Thiruchelvam

London, UK

Chief Commercial Officer
Sara Kuppin Chokshi

New York, USA​

Digital Health Research and Strategy​
*Independent Consultant
Mark Kraeling

Florida, USA​

Solutions Architect

Climate Change and Sustainability​

Lauren Goodwin

Texas, USA

*Formerly CISO, NASA Houston White Sands Test Facility
Soloman Almadi

Saudi Arabia

Senior Engineering Consultant
Carlos Mandolesi

Dublin, Ireland​

PMO Portfolio Manager

Regulations and Standards​

Andre Ristaino

North Carolina, USA

CEO and President
Eric Cosman

Texas, USA / Spain

Principal Consultant
OIT Concepts
David Jimenez Baraja

Madrid, Spain

Sales manager
Dave Board


Principal Technology Strategist
Maurice Wilkins

Taunton, UK​

Engineering Director & Trustee

IOT Security and Cybersecurity​

Andy McDonald

Connecticut, USA​

Principal and CEO
Scott Reynolds

Colorado, USA​

Security Engineering Manager
Maxym LaChance

Montreal, Canada ​

Project Manager – Optimization, Advanced Control & Alarm Management
René Matthiassen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Senior IT/OT Security Consultant
Standard Security

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